Quality Control

We believe in total transparency and want our customers to know exactly what they are getting when they buy Mokiobi. Click the link below to see all third-party test results for your specific lot number.

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All CBD is not the same

With years of experience in the hemp CBD world in Colorado, we have directly observed and sampled various products made using different methods.  Because the industry is mostly self-regulated at this point in time, we think it is important to describe some of the methods currently being used to produce CBD products.  At Mokiobi we believe we are using the least intrusive method possible to produce our full spectrum products.

What is CBD isolate and is Mokiobi made from isolate?

Mokiobi products are NOT made using isolate. The most common method used for making CBD products available today involves the use of ‘isolate”.  Some products are being touted as “Pure CBD”, this usually indicates that the product you are getting has been heavily processed to produce a powder containing CBD with all the other terpenes and phytocannabinoids removed called ‘isolate”.  While these products do have the benefit of only containing CBD (usually 99% CBD), the methods required to produce them include the use of solvents and industrial machinery. Most brands available today are buying “isolate” from a 3rd party manufacturer and are typically blended into an oil or flavored tincture of the manufacturer’s choice.  These powders can also be blended into a lotion, salve or balm.

At Mokiobi we are proud to say that this is NOT the case with our products. We make all of our own products from scratch in our Boulder, Colorado facility and never use any solvents or industrial machinery in the process, and it’s a difference you can see.

If you don’t use isolate how is Mokiobi made?

Infused oils are as old as recorded culinary history.  As early as ancient Rome, oils have been infused with herbs. At Mokiobi we have continued in that long standing tradition by refining the infusion process and patenting our methods, using only purified water to create what we believe is the most phytocannabinoid-rich formulation of CBD products available today.  

Using only purified water in our multi-step infusion process, we produce oils like no others available today.  Those who have tried other products are astounded by the deep green color we achieve. Further, they are amazed at the difference in how our products make them feel.  We have heard over and over that just 10mg of Mokiobi is as effective as 50mg of other products people have tried.

It takes time and lots of effort by our team to carefully craft our infused oils to our exceedingly high expectations. In the end we know that our dedication to making the best product we can using our solvent-free process will make our products continue to stand out in the growing CBD market.