Meet Darcy Piceu.
Mokiobi Brand Ambassador & Ultra Running Icon

Who uses Mokiobi?

Mokiobi Full Spectrum Wellness Hemp Oil has been gaining favor amongst people who demand the most of their mind and body at all times. This includes everyone from people with challenging professional careers to those wanting to be at their best for their loved ones to high achieving professional athletes.  No one exemplifies all of these more than our newest brand ambassador, ultra runner Darcy Piceu. Darcy shares our ideals of working hard, working smart and doing the absolute best you can, all while having a great time doing it!

While ultra runners remain under the radar in most of the country, here in Colorado their feats are the stuff of legend, and Darcy is an icon amongst these great athletes.  Not only was Darcy undefeated in an astounding four, 100-mile races in 2018, she is a mom, therapist and real life superhero. Her astounding physical feats include, 3-time Hard Rock 100 winner, 3-time Wasatch 100 Winner, Fastest Known Time of the 222-Mile John Muir Trail, Fastest Known Time of the Huayuash Circuit, Hurt 100 Winner, Rhonda Del Cims 100-mile winner and top 10 Overall.

Darcy is an exemplary symbol of how our products help ease the stresses of daily life and the aches and pains of the physical grind, while allowing you to be clear, focused and ready to be at your best at all times.  We could not dream up anyone to better represent Mokiobi, and we are ecstatic to join other ‘quality-first’ brands like Hoka One One and Smartwool in supporting Darcy.

Follow Darcy’s journey at @darcypq